Thursday, October 25, 2018

Improving the View.

 Yesterday this happened.
 We parked our vehicles up the driveway.( the truck is on the left behind the tree. ) (one there is Merv's not ours)  so the driveway was clear down in front of the house for the tree removal truck and chipper to get around the back. Luckily it just squeezed around the corner to the back lawn(s).
 Extended Family members own the Arbor Barber Business and were removing a China Doll tree which was obscuring our estuary views and bullying a small peach tree beside it.
 They worked really carefully and did no damage. It wasn't too noisy either. (Not like we were used to when felling gum trees on the orchard ) 

 This is a before View.
Its the big tree on the left that's to be removed.

 After looks like this .
That's Zac up the tree ( not a family member ). Hes a very slight chap and ideal for this type of work.
 The tree gets smaller.

 It didn't do this I assure you. Please turn your head to view.

 He then cut the last trunk sliding down and re gripping till it is just a stump.

 That is probably the first of quite a few trees we will remove to give fruit trees priority.


 The first flower on my Graham Thomas rose is out. Lovely. The new pink one is only a day or 2 behind and it is going to have lots.


molly said...

Your new place looks beautiful and becoming more so with your tweaking and pruning!

Janice said...

Wow! That has really opened things up. I'm sure you will spend quite a bit of time enjoying that view. It must be so nice seeing the garden take shape how you want it. Lovely roses.

loulee said...

It's interesting, seeing the progress photos of the tree felling. We need to get the arbourist in here, our cherries and due for a hair cut!!

Mystic Quilter said...

You have stunning views!!

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