Saturday, October 27, 2018

Rain Has been Forecast......

We need rain. The sky has clouded over, the air become chill.... I  hope it starts gently and gives us our fill.
Some plants are just beginning their producing lives so I hope they don't get trashed.

 Like these first Iceland Poppies. ( Poppy Wonderland Mix - Kericell Nursery )

 And this first Abraham Darby  - English Rose. ( Matthew's Nursery ) ( Auscot ) 
 I picked it just in case the weight of it broke the branch. It has 10 more buds getting ready . Smells good already.
 While outside I picked these for the beginning of a salad for tonight's dinner. These were all planted by me since we moved here so I am chuffed with that result.


 This morning we went into the city as I wanted a second opinion on 2 paintings I saw yesterday. The exhibition was on just across the road from our Patchwork and Quilting building in Tauranga.
 R liked both my selections so 2 new art works came home with us. There are still at least 2 other hooks awaiting art in the future.
 After that we went to The Lion's Used Book Sale at the racecourse.
 I got 11 books and 3 for Grandson. R got 14 books.
 A good morning's  work; well leisure actually.


Janice said...

Fingers crossed for some gentle soaking rain for you. We wouldn’t mind a bit more follow up over here too, but none is forecast and the temps are expected to reach the low 30s at the end of the week. We’re not ready for that yet. I love your poppies. I’ve grown some this spring as well, under our newish silver birch. They are such a lovely spring bloom. You did well with your haul of books. That little lot should keep you amused for a while.

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