Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Getting the Feel of this Place.

I think the reason it has taken me ages to get to feel as though I belong here is someone else had done all the work. Gradually I can look around and think I did that or changed that or planted that, so maybe I'm / we are taking possession. The weather has warmed up beautifully, that makes me happy. My health has returned to normal along with my energy levels. Yesterday we were out with friends for lunch for R's Birthday and they had the dreaded bug we struggled with for the last few months and they too were feeling awful.( altho on the mend now )

 Here is a photo of ( dead )  rabbit # 6 who was being a digging pest in our garden, especially where there was newly worked soil. I already had wire netting cloches but not enough, so today got some more.  Cover and protect is a necessity.

At the weekend elder Grandson almost 3 and I made and sailed little boats made from saved walnut half shells.We launched them from the jetty and the side of the estuary. Most soon became water logged but we had a happy hour and a half mucking about with boats and sticks and other stuff.

 That photo is on it's side ↺
 ( does anyone know a way to rotate photos once in Blogger? )

 Theses are sideways too. I change them and they don't stay when I up load them here!

 Unique rhododendron coming into flower - there seem to be about 8 all the same one.
 Clivias orange and lemon are doing well. 3 tiny pink and white azaleas next to them don't seem to clash. This shade area is the best part of the garden. The previous owner wasn't into flowers.
 We are glad to say one tatty half dead box hedge has been removed. 18 agapanthus overhanging one grape vine have also gone. It's a start of the many changes and improvements we wish to make with the garden, Inside the house lights have been changed and the sound system finally got going in the lounge.
 R went and bought a hedge trimmer as there are many, mostly photinia red robin, hedges to keep cut.
At the moment they are bright red with Spring growth.

 Sewing = 0
 Knitting = a blanket using left over wool is  almost complete.
 I am on the way with newest Grandson's felt embroidered ball too.
 The table I hope to use for sewing finally arrived last week. So maybe my quilting mojo will return sometime soon.


Janice said...

It must be interesting seeing how the garden wakes up after winter and, as you say, good to start making it your own. I love that you played with little boats. A most important thing for little boys (and big girls) to do. We went to some open gardens on the weekend and we overheard one young girl wishing she had a leaf boat to float down the garden stream. Good that you are removing those pesky rabbits. I hope you can eventually get on top of them.

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