Monday, September 07, 2009

I had to Coax.

I'd like to be able to say I did something really exciting yesterday, but alas that wouldn't be true. Instead I had to coax, persuade, cajole and wheedle myself into digging out agapanthus. I spent all afternoon at it till my back said, "Hey no more today!" ( no photos of that; I was too busy ) Unfortunately I have done about one sixth of what needs doing; but hey it is a good start.
Somethings I am pleased about;
* lovely sunny days after cool nights.
*things are growing now ( my little red Coral Mizuna has doubled in size and we have eaten one lot on a salad. Doesn't it have delightful leaves? )

My little sweet peas are at last starting to climb.
The Ligustrum Rotundifolium hedge is sprouting and looking really lush. It is a fabulous plant for a compact hedge if frequently clipped. ( the plants were really expensive but I choose it cause I hate the smell of Box hegdes. )
Now I'm out to work. Tomorrow there will be a Poppy Show here. ( no not that sort ) I will show the lovely poppy fabric I have got to make a bag and the next poppy that is out in the garden. What is it about the wee faces of a poppy that inspires me ?


Guðrún said...

We have the same poppies as you. I remember you were talking about them last summer/winter :) so I decided to take a look once I went to my father´s place and yes there they were!!!

Meggie said...

See the poppies dancing in the breeze...
I am not sure if they grow easily here, but I have none in my gardens. I remember those huge Oriental?- they looked like the 'opium poppies'- poppies from my childhood. An Aunt had them in her garden, & their richness filled me with wonder.