Saturday, September 05, 2009

Something to Cheer.

Veltheimia  looking bright ( South African bulb like a very large Lachenalia )
Possibly my favourite daffodil flowering it's called Tahiti. ( that's what I thought yours might be Carole )
Some mauve Freesias.

We ate this broccoli last night. It grew in a raised tub ( get extra warmth that way - grows quicker ) and was the biggest of the batch.
We have in my opinion a very ugly backdoor , but can't really change it so I always try and keep the pot plants there looking good. I rotate them when looking ugly. Here the wee Kingianum orchids are just starting to flower and see how lush the leaves on the pink Alstromeria are looking - hope they flower soon.
* Gudrun, no I don't think taking the stalks off makes any difference to how many fruit will grow next. I take them off for 2 reasons. So new fruit won't rub on them and get marks and therefor be rejects and also in case there are any tiny passionvine hopper eggs on them ( they are our worst pest ).
* Our overnight temperate plummeted, very cold again. So glad our new potatoes weren't up get. It wasn't quite a frost luckily. Spring frosts are not good for new shoots on anything.


Guðrún said...

Thanks for the information. The daffodil is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Your flowers are very pretty, the daffodil is gorgeous.

Tracey Petersen said...

I would never have guessed that was a daffodil.

Françoise said...

Beautiful flowers. They remind me that I have to think about which bulbs I'm going to plant this autumn in the garden.

Helen said...

Those daffodils are so pretty!

Isabelle said...

Lovely flowers; so hard to get my head around its being spring with you!

Meggie said...

I love your Daffodil, but then, I love all your plants.