Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well Done Ladies.

Yesterday was a long, busy day.

 During the day our P and Q Group had our usual Friday session , plus extra time that went on till about 10.30 pm  when I locked up the building and came  home - no body wanted to stay till Midnight even though that's what we call it "Midnight Madness." ( That was more than 12 hours ! )Some ladies joined in after work at 6 pm and we all shared pizza for dinner - kind of an annual tradition now. Robin even made fabuolous light Cinnamon Oysters for dessert , not that we needed any. Yum! Dorothy made a plate of fruit loaf to keep those there all day,  going during the afternoon. Luckily we all had healthy lunch!

In the morning we set up a display so I could take photos of all the items the ladies have made to donate to the Ruel Foundation. One lovely quilt has already been handed in and all these items are ready now. There are quilts, sheets,  a wall hanging, cloth books and bags, soft toys and lots of lovely grippy baby balls.
Later during the evening session Denise,  aided by lovely daughter Portia, took a class making this bag.

 That's what my brown and black and gold poppy fabric was for. Mines not quite finished- I'll work on it over the weekend. I don't have a bag in those colours ar anything like this style, so it will add to my such thing as too many hand made bags.


Molly said...

I like the bag, but I LOVE the grippy balls! Any chance of a tutorial?

Jennifer said...

Pretty pretty bag! You're right, one can never have too many bags....I haven't made one for a long time.......*grin*

Diana said...

Wow, you all were busy! Don't you just love an all-sewing day with friends?

Tracey Petersen said...

The bag is lovely. I can't wait to see your version.

Meggie said...

Lucky children... well, you know what I mean.
It is time I made another bag..