Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Ball Tutorial ( for Molly )

Tutorial for Cloth ball that is easy for a baby to hold.This could be made of scraps but looks better in just 2 colours ( fabrics ). The finished size could be adjusted once you understand the pattern.
1/3 yard fabric A;   1/8th yard fabric B ( approx );   scissors; sewing machine; needle and matching thread;   soft fibre washable stufffing.
( for template : card, pencil, compass, ruler; scissors )

1. make the template:
Start from a Rt angled corner of the card ( or draw one ). Put the compass point in the extreme corner and extend to 4" length along one straight edge. Scribe an arc to the other side of the card. ( don't shut the compass! ) This is part A for fabric A.
 Next using the same arc draw both side of a straight ruled line to make part B for fabric B.  Cut out accurately.  ( to check your parts are going to match up lay part B over part A ; the curved side should match. )

2. Cutting fabric: Lay template A economically  on fabric A and cut 24.
Lay template B on fabric B and cut 12.

3. Sewing. Make 12 identical shapes each consisting of 2 parts A and one part B.
Thus; With right sides together lay one part B curved edge to part A curved edge. Pin. Sew 1/4 inch seam beginning and ending 1/4 inch in from point ; backstitching at each end.
Now with right sides together lay the curved edge of other side of part B to a second part A.   Pin .   Sew with part B uppermost so you can see your first seam. Now sew the arc around to meet up with your first seam.
4. With right sides still facing in, pin together the 2 straight sides of the 2 A parts. (the piece still looks like the shape of part A with part B like a gusset in between. )
5. Start sewing along one straight side; turn at the right angle cornerand  sew about an inch. Stop backstitch. Leave a gap of about 2" ( for turning and stuffing ) sew the rest of that side to the corner backstitching at each end ( so it won't undo while it is being stuffed ). Trim threads and corner off.
6. Turn shape right side out.

7. Having made 12 the same and turned them through now stuff all 12.( not too firmly ).
8. Pin the gap shut and hand stitch closed.

9. Assemble ball. Take 3 parts and hand stitch the pointed ends together. Repeat 3 more times. So 4 bunches of 3.

Now join all the bunches together at the pointy ends.

(That is part way there ) getting all 12 parts joined in the centre is the trickiest part of the project.

10.Finally group the parts into 4s, like a cross pattern and firmly stitch 2 opposite parts together then the other 2 parts together.

 With some twisting involved do this again with 4 more and a third time with the final 4. Now all 12 parts should be secured to each other and hopefully you will have a ball looking like this.
or this
Any questions gladly answered.


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, that looks tricky! Oh so cute though -- thanks for the tutorial!

Diana said...

Thanks for posting the tutorial. I've always been curious as to how these are constructed.

Françoise said...

That's interesting. Maybe I'm going to try it.

Meggie said...

Very good tutorial Ali!

Molly said...

Since I've been away from my own computer I almost missed this! Thanks for posting it Ali, will try it when I get home. Your instructions sound clear and easy to follow.

Guðrún said...

Great tutorial.

Myunghee said...

The tutorial is great!!

Myunghee said...

The turorial is great!!

vthib said...

Thanks! I used your pattern and just completed my first ball for my first grandchild!