Monday, November 09, 2009

More C C Quilts.

More beautiful quilts on display at Calico Christmas.

The use of colour here was stunning. With the black setting the colour just jumped off this quilt and took Grandmothers garden type blocks to a whole new level. Note the quilting in straight lines right through the blocks. This quilt I would have happily taken home.

Scenic New Zealand by Gloria Scanlan captured some NZ beauty.
Quite unusual colours and just a little different this was made of wool.
Donna and Ashleigh Ward's,  Pacifica. Donna's  style is easily recognised and the colous subtle and beautiful.

Stitcheries in the form of well known quilt blocks were a feature on this quilt.

Setting sampler type blocks on point, interspaced with blank blocks  and diagonal sashing gave this crisp looking quilt a whole different look.

This is a very familiar quilt design and I'm not sure which of the 2 exhibitions I saw it at but the colour use was so vibrant I had to include it in my photos of quilts that attracted my attention.
Tomorrow I will show what I purchased.


Marls said...

Lovely quilts. I always loved the showing of quilts at Calico Christmas. I do love the art quilt depicting NZ.

Guðrún said...

The GFG is awesome, I am with you I would like to own it!

Shasta said...

So many beautiful quilts to look at. Thank you for sharing them.

Meggie said...

More beautiful quilts!