Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Having My Weekend Today.

WE worked hard all weekend picking avocados. 4 Hydraladas and drivers and R and I ground picking with R driving the tractor with  full and empty bins. In fact I was so busy this is the only photo I took this year.  ( The photos would look the same as previous years anyway. )
It truly is hard work. I was the ground picker which means I suddenly "become pregnant," and walk that strange wide legged waddle that happens usually at about 8 months - the difference being the weight goes on gradually when pregnant; when it is a picking apron full of Avos it happens too suddenly and is the equivalent weight of 10 babies. Actually my neck is the part that takes the worst strain. I was too tired to sleep properly Saturday night so was a mess by last night BUT I am recovered today. The good part is we got 32 bins of beautiful big fat green avocados which are now at the packhouse being sorted into trays and bins to be exported . Any with marks etc will be put on the local market and the misshappen or out of grade will go to the oil factory.The smallest fruit got left on the trees and will size up till about February when we willl have a second pick. 
Last Friday at P and Q we had a class to make Christmas decorations like this.
 Not at all my thing I might add but the lady was coming to take the class and as the numbers doing it were small I joined in. I enjoyed the company as we takes heaps of stuffing... here is mine being sewn up after stuffing.

Yes mine is a blue tree.  ( my lounge is blue and yellow and it might end up there.)
It has yet to be decorated.

I have been picking lots of sweetpeas and roses.

This is Charles Austin ( a David Austin rose named after his father ) and  has the MOST fabulous smell of any of my roses.

This photo of some full bins of avocados, was taken another year, but this weekends pick looked just like these. 32 of them so that is a lot of individual fruit. YUM YUM YUM!


By Hoki Quilts said...

Yum so many avocados, when we lived in the BOP I was lucky enough to eat many especially on a bagette with shaved ham - yummy!
down here on the West Coast they don't seem to be as nice, and pricey, whew.
Have a great day

Jennifer said...

What sort of avos do you grow? I like the Haas ones.
The Christmas tree is a cute decoration!

Ali Honey said...

Hass Jennifer. They are the ONLY variety exported from NZ.

Molly said...

Impressive bins of avocados! I am envious of all the beautiful flowers, especially the roses you grow!

Meggie said...

Your Avos look so lovely. They seem to be expensive in the shops here, & so are a bit of a luxury still.
Not sure about your Christmas tree- think I must be like you, & not so keen on such things.
I do love perfumed roses, & those look beautiful too.

Guðrún said...

Ouch for your neck, this is a hard work. Do you eat the Avocados like apples?