Saturday, November 14, 2009

Book and Answers.

Thanks all for your comments. Here's some answers.
* No tolls on the new bridge Sally.
*No Deb I don't know how the blackwork went but I saw it when it arrived. I will try and do some snooping for you.........when are you back here?
*Laurie, sorry you didn't get to Calico Christmas - we can't do then all ...I didn't get to the Hamilton  Show this year.
*I love the idea that I was stimulating the'll need a bit more than that! ( Did I mention we just purchased 2 new black leather 3 seater couches....moved the 42 year old, old, old one into the room by the phone - that lasted well but is so faded ! ) SO yes we have been trying!
I have been enjoying the first of my new books. Although the quilts look like bookmarks on the cover each is actually 40" x 10".

The author is English and has visited here twice. This is her impressions of different aspects of NZ life and scenery and how she has interpreted them. She gives materials for each, work  instructions and patterns.It is very well done apart from a few typo howlers.( deep friend scallops  - fried surely? ) Gail has a website and sells patterns and books.
Lots to do outside now. I don't remember when there was so many different plants in flower. So much colour and perfume aaaah!


Molly said...

Thanks for the peek into that book.....lovely quilts. And lovely blossoms, as usual.

kiwicarole said...

I can smell those just by looking at your pics! That book looks very interesting! Full of ideas.
Carole :)

Bubble said...

Delicious flowers Alison xxx

Briggsy said...

Thanks Ali, that would be great if you could find out - but think Ma & Pa are away till late November in Aussie :(
I'm back in Auckland in late January for six weeks work. Have a couple of weeks in Tauranga before I leave on 1 April. So excited, looking forward to seeing everyone and oh yay an NZ summer !

Guðrún said...

I can smell the flowers.

Meggie said...

Sigh... Your garden looks fabulous. I can almost smell it..
Interesting book!