Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Promising Signs.

Promising signs of good things to come are all around me. In the mail a letter from NZ Quilter with this booklist and a voucher to get free cards   IF  I purchase from their stall at Calico Christmas in Auckland this weekend. Thanks! It's in my purse already, because I know I will be buying book ( s ) from them. ( we are going up by bus again this year - this Saturday -Yipee! ) 
A promising sign in the garden; a cauliflower almost ready to eat.

Strawberries starting to ripen.

A promising sign at last of sweet smelling delights - my sweetpeas suddenly went crazy and climbed like mad and now just at the top of their frame are breaking into flower. ( the whole flower garden at the moment is just a delight with wonderful smells and colour . All the roses are out. I counted 13 Iceland poppies out at once.( yellow and cream and orange ) Colour, colour everywhere.)
My favourite iris is out- what a colour!

( the bees -  yeah, my house guest -  or their rellies are in heaven ) I guess all the rain over the last few months is making things thrive.
There is also the promise that one day I will have a completed table runner - but that is some way off. hand work takes a while. I found that my little clover iron bought for bias tape is good for pressing the very close together seams. The squares were cut 1.5 inches so on the back the quarter inch seams are close together.

I have now added the next row to this, so 5 rows done.

Outside their is also the promise of work - yes, yes. I'm just going to work with the promising flower buds on the Kiwifruit vines. It actually does have the promise to be a great crop this year!


Pixie said...

I am coming for gardening lessons some day. Love the blue and yellow teenie pieces. have a happy bus trip.

Françoise said...

Lovely pictures! Enjoy your trip to Auckland.

Molly said...

I love sweet peas but am not sure they'd like it here---too hot! I've never seen cauliflower growing before---it looks so crunchy and healthy.....Didn't your eyes cross cutting those tiny squares??

Sooziii said...

Enjoy the bus trip and thank you for the beautiful purple

Meggie said...

Bountiful wishes for your crop!! Blessings of the Harvest.
I have found, on my blog visits today, there are many photos missing. Is this just Blogger being a b!tch or a larger problem??

Bubble said...

Alison lovely to see all the colour in your garden and your yummy produce. Its hard to believe all those lovely things growing when we are getting to grips with a wet winter week, dark by 4.30pm. You bring sunshine to a cold wet day xxxxx

Guðrún said...

I love the signs of summer, I can watch and have a dream about my summer which is far away now.