Friday, January 01, 2010

The Progresssion of Time.

Happy New Year.
Calendars, clocks and watches measure time accurately (mostly ). More so than hour glasses or sundials. It is only the mind ( my mind ) that recalls it differently. Some things seem like only yesterday - Y2K - others seem ages ago.  Seasons, tides and phases of the moon change without prompting. Day and night just like breathing happen rhythmically.
We change and evolve and grow, usually imperceptibly but sometimes suddenly - we call those times " Life Changing Experiences."
Often " Life Changing Experiences," are births, deaths and marriages. Sometimes accidents or good fortune. Sometimes they are more subtle and sneak up like things we do; no less life altering just more gradual. In the last 10 years for me those changes have been the computer more particulary the Internet and Patchwork and Quilting. I really feel I have been enjoying those 2 parts of my life for a lot longer than that. Wow! But they certainly have both changed my life for the better. I get great pleasure from both, so would hate to be without them. I wonder what changes the next 10 years will bring? I have some ideas what they might be. But that's another post.
NO I don't make New year resolutions I'll just stick to my lists as that works for me.


Joyce said...

My life has changed mostly in that I retired ten years ago. I would recommend that move to anybody!
Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

Well Ali, that was very philosophical, but yes the changes in the last 10yrs have been really life changing one way and another so much has happened to make the world a smaller place, I am intouch with people every day in all corners of the world at the flick of a button...God bless the computer ...some think it is not for the good but not me I just love my Toshiba Lap Top it has travelled with me all around the world and been my life line a few times I can tell you.
Happy New Year to you and Roger. sorry, I did not come to you for the tea and Christmas cake but being a holiday I did not want to disturb you.

Bubble said...

Happy New year Ali, i would love to think the next ten years will see us back in Nz. Love to you both xxxxxx

Gina said...

Happy New Year to you ali

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Françoise said...

Happy New Year to you Ali!

Guðrún said...

Happy New Year dear friend.