Friday, February 26, 2010


It's been a busy week so not much more progress, but a little. I am happy with the stamens in the agapanthus and butterflies but not too pleased with my attempts at quilting. I think the first part I did ( which is now unpicked )puckered more than I like so I have used a larger stitch length. That has helped. The batting is quite thick and I think it was pulling the stitches down, especially when I was sewing across the width. My inexperience with machine quilting may ruin this - I hope not.
We had a lovely P and Q club day today, more than 40 ladies all happy and joining in. I was pleased with how it went. 4 new prospective members. 2 had belonged at some time in the past, 2 were brand new; one from the UK. It was very hot by afternoon!
Today is also exciting because later on we go over to the airport to pick up younger son and his partner (who we have yet to meet.) They are both here for 3 weeks holiday         from UK. J has lived in London for more than 9 years now - it's 2 since he was last home. V is also a Kiwi and they have spent the last week up in Northland with her family. So a busy week or so coming up for us. I hope it all goes well...we are trying to plan vegetarian meals for them.( I'll discuss that another time. ) Now I am off to do some last minute cleaning and pick fresh Flowers.
Any helpful hints on machine quilting would be appreciated.( especially free motion ).


Jennifer said...

Ali, I had puckering problems with thick batting, but by then I had done too much to change it so I soldiered on!

Tracey Petersen said...

Your work is lovely. I hope you find a way to resolve your issues with the batting.

Have a lovely visit with your son and friend.

Joyce said...

I love this piece. My problem is always in the quilting too. I hope you have a lovely time with your son and partner. Lucky you to have a nice garden when vegetarians come to visit.

julieQ said...

I think your embellishments added so much. I am having such trouble with my machine quilting...puckers, tucks, you name it. Hope we can find some answers!

Meggie said...

I have no tips for machine quilting -being most illiterate there! However, I do love this piece, & also the stamens & butterflies.
Hope you are not daunted by vegetarian meals- vegetales are just fine!! You have them in abundance, & I am sure they will be well fed & healthy!! Enjoy your visit.