Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wetas and Chutney.

Yesterday this NZ Weta  (hemideina thoracica )( size 5-6 cms )was on the concrete in front of the shed and not making any attempt to get away. It seemed lethargic, so I carefully ( brave me ) picked him up on a piece of cardboard and carried him to the herb garden for safety.
 Unfortunately my first aid was not enough cause today he is dead and being swarmed over by ants.I think Wetas are wonderous creatures.
This was just one picking of tomatoes. They are versatile and so don't cause a problem. But the embarrassment of beans and courgettes continues and meant I spent this morning making another big batch of Chutney ( pickle ). We are starting to put some of the courgettes that get too big back through the compost to come around again.
*Before I forget, Yes, Gudrun the corn cobs can be just microwaved for 2 or  2 and a half minutes in their own skins.  We had them for lunch again today.
The felt embroidered ball (# 18 ) is now finished and ready to go to the UK. ( maybe the dog's eye needs a bit more brown around the white, it doesn't stand out very well.)The other side got a star to complete it.
Yesterday was my P and Q Groups first Friday back together. It has been a long break this year. I had missed all the ladies. 2 new ladies who had belonged many years ago, before my time, rejoined so that is wonderful. One has just retired and the other has been living in Tasmania for 10 years. All the new committee are keen and doing a great job so that makes things easier for me, although I still finish the meeting feeling like I have talked too much, so will try and get others to take parts for me.
Later in the afternoon I went and purchased the extra fabric and stabilizer etc for next Saturday's class.Then went to the supermarket and was very tired when I arrived home as it was a hot day. I think I find that mental responsibility makes me more tired than physical work.
Today we are getting odd little showers and the humidity is about 98 % !
This is the large fruit platter that sits on the kitchen bench. Note the huge size of the avos R just picked. I thought it looked beautiful when I added the Yummy NZ plums I bought yesterday. (we  must get a plum tree; I don't know why we haven't had one ) 
I'm going to try and get some sewing done now.
I hope you all have a pleasant weekend Friends.
A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a  breathe of kindness blow the rest away.
 ( an Arabian proverb )


Jennifer said...

Your felt ball has turned out fabulous!

Joyce said...

I envy you those avocados! We pay almost $1 each and they are often all bruised. And fresh garden tomatoes...sigh.

Ali Honey said...

Joyce I suggest if you are getting bruised ( squeezed ) avos that you select them when thy are still green and firm and take them home to ripen yourself. That way you will know how often they are handled. Ripen them either on a bowl with other fruit such as bananas (giving off ethylene as they ripen)or put in a paperbag with nearly ripe bananas or other fruit ) don't use a plastic bag it sweats too much. The avos you get probably come from California or Mexico?

Thimbleanna said...

I love that friend poem -- I haven't seen it in years. I used to carry it around with me when I was a young girl!

Your felt ball is so cool -- what a lot of fun work!

Guðrún said...

I love that Arabian proverb. Your ball is looking gorgeous.

Guðrún said...

I love that Arabian proverb. Your ball is looking gorgeous.

Meggie said...

I see you have been creating a gorgeous ball!
I wish I could get more than herbs to grow, but I have to be grateful for those!
I love zucchini, & when I read of how prolific they are, am green with envy. All my emergent tomatoes are picked by some creature, who remains invisible. & unknown!!
Avos & Kiwis are sssooo expensive this year!

YankeeQuilter said...

We are at that "just before spring" time here were there are few fruits and no is nice even just to see some!

Molly said...

Love the proverb. The author was a wise man/woman! The colours of the avocados and plums together would look lovely in a quilt, don't you think? How big is that ball? Is it as big as the clutch ball? I love your appliques.....

Bubble said...

Ali, your ball is amazing. That Weta is revolting!!! The avacadoes are dreamy and your toms are awesome yummmmmy xxxx