Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mary's Class.

Today was our class with Mary Transom making an Agapanthus wall hanging. It was hot so we worked with every door and window wide open. What a great day! I couldn't spend too long taking photos as I was busy, as were we all. There was a large number of pattern parts to trace and cut out. Here is S really concentrating.
Here is my effort laying out the basic leaf and stem positions.
Here is H well on the way with hers. She had a pieced background.   L had a lovely slat fence on her background.
Not everyone did the same. Heather decided on white on a balck bacground.
Lynda is doing orange flowers not agies.
At lunchtime  Mary laid some of her other hangings on the ground for us to see.
That's my work on the table in the right corner, when I am trying out placement of the flowers.
I have now sewn on all the green fabric leaves and stems and have started on the flowers and buds. More photos and progress tomorrow. Mary was a lovely Teacher and nobody had any major problems and worked very happily. I  can't wait to see all the ( 15 ) hangings finished soon. They will all be similar but none the same!
( so yes thank you JulieQ, I did do something fun this weekend )


Laurie said...

What a busy day you had and it looks like you have worked hard all day but I bet it was enjoyable...I am quite jealous...but look forward to seeing the finished artical.

Guðrún said...

It will be great to see your finished quilt.

kiwicarole said...

I did a class with her a couple of years ago, she was a great teacher. Your class looks great, your going to have a lovely wall hanging when you're done.
It's interesting to see just how different everyone's is!
:) C