Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gifts made and Book Sale.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon finishing the crayon roll and making the coloured pencil roll. They are gifts for young great nieces I get to see tomorrow.The crayon one is for a 6 year old and the pencil one for an almost 9 year old. I am including some blank drawing paper and some puzzles and Easter colouring pages that I printed off free on line. As the weather so far has been mainly wet they can work on those either at lunch tomorrow or where they are staying in Taupo. We are having a small family lunch together ( my side of the family ) at a halfway point ( Taupo ) like we did last year. A good time for swapping gifts ( can give things you can't post ) and produce.
 This morning we went to the Rotary Used Book sale at the Mt. ( I didn't have to walk too far and am staying off my foot all afternoon to make up for standing on concrete for about and hour.) We came away with a selection, perhaps not as good as last year , but time will tell. Here is my lot.

6 Ficton; 3 nonfiction and some magazines. Once again the patchwork and quilting mags were 10 for a dollar. There must be some good reading or a project worth doing in that bargain!
How is your weekend going?   NZ weather is to be wet and more wet. Never mind feet up and read.


julieQ said...

Lunch and can you go wrong! That is a tremendous bargain for the magazines and books...enjoy!

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely gifts! Your nieces will be pleased with them. The weekend is nice and sunny here. Gorgeous weather actually, quite amazing for Easter here.

molly said...

Those will be some happy little girls. Any kind of art supplies were always my favourite gifts as a child! I love those flea market bundles of quilt mags. Even if you only find one project in the lot, it's a bargain. And no guilt about getting rid of them once you're done. Enjoy your family get-together!

Meggie said...

We have been having 4 seasons in a few days here! I felt so comfotable on Good Friday- no appointments, so shops to visit and time and peace to lie in bed and read a little late into the morning! Bliss!
Love your book selection. Enjoy.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

I bet the little girls loved their gift!

How is your foot? Have you tried putting comfrey root poultice on it.

Might well be worth a try.

If you want to try it & have no comfrey - I'm happy to send you up some root.

Love Leanne

Downunderdale said...

Hope your feet are getting better - I would be heartbroken if I had to throw away my shoes....