Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going Nuts.

Evey day I have been working at shelling walnuts, for at least a couple of hours. Unfortunately late on Monday afternoon I put my foot to the concrete floor in the shed where I do the nuts  and was in immediate pain, in the area under the heel of my right foot. ( the same foot that misbehaved last October, but different place  ) Yesterday I went to the podiatrist and I now have my foot tightly strapped, new higher arch supports and strangely cut and glued in rubber part soles. I have torn the ligament that forms the arch in my foot. My foot must have been cold and did not stretch like it is supposed to. The strapping has helped immensely and the pain subsided. I am to rest it as much as possible, certainly no going for walks ( as if I could )and this morning I went off to town for new shoes. My walking / working shoes were becoming misaligned.  So I now have new walking shoes a whole size larger to accomodate all the extra soles etc and a pair of Teva sandals with 3 velcro adjustable straps.( that I can't wear at the moment but need for June ) The podiatrist said to throw out all my other shoes ( slip ons or even low heels! Boo hoo I love shoes )
 The problems this causes are these. It is very hard for me to stay off my feet, just by the nature of the things I do in a day. I have to gets this healed ( heeled )in time to go on holiday in June as I had great plans of walking a lot! The word springs to mind!
Last week I cleaned out my sewing cupboard and am still cutting and sorting scraps. I haven't had much  sewing time. My sewing machine sits in it's wheeled bag below these shelves when put away.( as it was last weekend when we had guests ) The rest of the time it is on the big bench in the dining area.

The only little project I am working on is making 2 of these rolls for crayons and coloured pencils for gifts.  More on that later if they turn out okay. This is the one for crayons. The next will have to have longer coloured strips, for pencils.
 Things I can do sitting down have suddenly gone to the top of my to do list.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Aw Ali you poor thing - what a great pair we would make for a 'three legged race'. Take it easy and do as the foot doctor says, sadly they know best.

Meggie said...

I so sympathise, I am facing surgery for my foot arch area, for some Fribromatomas. I am not sure I want the operation. I hobble, but perhaps it could be worse!?
I do hope your problems are solved with little pain, and inconvenience.