Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Pile of Quilts.

Yesterday afternoon after we had finished up at our Patchwork and Quilting Group my Friend Dee came with me to help carry the 3 big bags containing the first assignment of the finished bandanna quilts from our group for Canteen. ( that's them all folded up in a pile above.) 2 of mine are in that pile. I sat sewing the last 2 sides of the yellow and green binding on yesterday during our meeting. My friend Dee liked the idea of a disappearing 9 patch so she did hers that way too. Here it is finished .
Another quilt that got finished yesterday, not actually made of bandannas but going to Canteen was this one Helen made. Another member had donated this panel with the map of the world on it. (very bright and colourful.) Helen quilted it by following the lines of latitude and longitude that were printed on it. Here it is during Show and Tell.

 Also in Show and Tell was a quilt Nan had finished making from last year's Block of the Month. She filled it out with some extra blocks.( the reason I have cut the bottom of the photo off was a table was protruding into the picture. )

Something else the group is doing is making a friendship quilt for a member who is in hospital.       It was to be 9.5" block using New Zealand fabrics. This is my donated block.

One afternoon last week when the sun appeared for a couple of hours I went and collected this many walnuts. You can see why I need to take the tractor with me to carry them home.

They are now drying in the sun, which has returned yesterday and today....back to Autumn instead of the few days preview of Winter we had been having.
Yesterday I happened to be talking to one of our members who had lived and worked in UK for several years ( working as a technician for Elna sewing machines ) and she said the best quilt display she saw the whole time she was there  in UK was in the American Museum in Bath. A little later a newer member of our group came and spoke to me and said, " I couldn't help over hearing your conversation and I want to endorse that that quilt display is worth seeing."  She had lived for 21 years in Bath so gave me full instructions ( which I have written down in my diary )  on how to get there. Sometimes serendipitous things happen. I would like to know if any of you reading this have visited the American Museum in bath. What is your opinion of their quilt collection Please? 


molly said...

Have not visited that museum but could have had I known about it when I visited our littlest grandson who now, unbelievably, is two! Your group are very industrious! Beautiful quilts! And your friendship block is lovely....

Fran├žoise said...

Nice pictures! Love this pile of quilts. :-)

Meggie said...

How lovely to see the pile of quilts. I have been watching Irish inspired comedy via a friends internet link.
So funny and so realistic. I do hopr your trip will be magic. XX

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Wonderful pile of quilts -

Impressive amount of walnuts.

Love Leanne

Laurie said...

Oh yes!! you must go to bath American Museum...
Lovely quilts from your group and they are so bright and cheerful. Well done everyone.

hugs Laurie

Shirley Goodwin said...

Love those yummy walnuts! You sure have been busy with your quilting.