Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Foraging and Research Too!

Yesterday afternoon I was working in Kiwifruit Block 4 which is the far away one near the avocados ( for those of you who have been here ) That's where the chestnut tree is too.
I collected these fat beauties before I came home . They are the fattest ones we have ever grown. ( because of all the rain )
I have just been doing at bit of googling on Chestnuts.( they are a member of the same family as beech and oak ) They are low in calories but starchy. They have proteins; dietary fibre; are rich in Vitamin C,  B complex Vitamins, folates; have iron; calcium; potassium; magnesium; manganese; phosphorous and zinc. Chestnuts are gluten free and have only good cholesterol. So sounds like we should be eating them. I will freeze some too for the vegetarians in the family!
      On Saturday night we were out to dinner at some friends with 2 other couples  we are all very compatible; ( 8 in all - 5 of us used to be teachers ). All 8 of us are going on travels in the next 2 - 4 months.( which is partly why we met up to compare notes.) They are all much more used to travel than R and I am, so we got lots of useful tips and suggestions. We got lent a book on London so together with what we already had my research has been going well.
On Sunday afternoon I cleaned out my sewing cupboard. I sorted all my recently made scraps and am in the process of cutting them up once ironed into the biggest useful pieces I can to keep in my size bags. I like to do this before I start on any new projects. If I come across anything in the cupboard not finished it gets put to the top of the list. ( or unpicked or discarded- very rarely ) Mmy cupboard looks almost too neat to be a working space....but when you haven't got a sewing room or studio that's the way it works best for me.
 Thank you all for your comments. I have heard from folk who would recommend going to Bath and the American Museum .( about 1 hours drive from where we will be staying at one stage so that sounds very promising. )


Pam said...

Oh, Alihoney, are you coming to Edinburgh? Maybe we could meet up? Or are you only rushing in and out?

Meggie said...

I do wish you well for any and all of your travels. Should you meet fellow bloggers, - what a bonus!