Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding and Mail.

Our local Newspaper has put out a special section of the paper with photos of yesterday's Royal Wedding. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole coverage from The BBC. ( sorry NZ TV  1 and 3 your coverage was spoiled with commercial breaks and trivia ) I thought they did very well adding some modern touches to all the pom and traditional ceremony. I can't help being interested as it was part of my upbringing. I still have half a dozen Royal Family books in my cupboard that were given to me as a child.
      If you are interested in the flowers in the bouquet Leanne has covered it well on her blog.  I liked Kate's  dress but loved sister Pippa's better.( who ever designed that got it just right )I thought Kate and William's prayer was also well done. I think they both have a great future, I do hope so. The Mother of the bride also looked very nice - their whole family shone I thought. What did you think of all the hats? Weren't some of them ridiculous?

( I intend to check out some of the places I saw on TV in a few weeks time! )
This morning I got lovely mail. My 2 great nieces I made the pencil rolls for sent me Thank you cards / letters. My sister looks after them on Tuesdays and probably suggested they make them for me.


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Ali, change your link to this
Then folks can see - I also just found that Kate wanted particular flowers on her cake. Ahh I like this gal!

So nice to get the thank you cards. Bet you'll whip those well mannered girls up something again.

Love Leanne

carole brungar said...

I totally agree with your comments on the coverage. I was a bit disappointed that they had to put so many adds on. Never mind it was a fantastic service and they looked as though they could have been the only ones there. Young love......

I thought Kate's sister looked gorgeous too and her brother spoke beautifully.

Pam said...

Yes, I enjoyed it too.

I don't think I ever remembered to answer your question about the Falkirk Wheel.

I was slightly disappointed by it, but then I'm not terribly into engineering and things. My husband thought it was interesting. I'm sure it's a fine achievement but going on it isn't terribly exciting! (Not that I'm a great fan of excitement...)

Meggie said...

I am not really a Royalist, but I did enjoy the wedding coverage, and hope that Kate and Will have a happy life together.
How lovely of the children to write and thank you, with wonderful illustrations.

Unknown said...

Oh yes some of the hats were just... well not like hats.