Monday, August 06, 2012

Celebrating Kiwi !

Oh what a great weekend to be a Kiwi!

So much winning, all at once is quite amazing. With just a population of 4.5 million people, and not large amounts of funding our team at the Olympics has exceeded all my expectations.( and I think there might be more to come ) We are sitting well up the medal table.
 To top it off the BOP/ Waikato Chiefs won the super rugby final against the South African Sharks 37 - 6. ( a good result eh Dale? ) I spent a lot of time over the weekend watching our Olympic competitors and those from other countries and loved it. I think UK has done very well too, with so many spectators cheering them on. Thanks for cheering for us when you din't have any of your own competing at the time. Unfortunately there was a down side to the weekend with 2 Kiwi soldiers being killed in Afghanistan.
 I have been sewing things kiwi.   I finished quilting my first set ( I think there will be more ) of coasters featuring NZ fabrics.

 From the top left they feature a Kea;  Stitchbirds;  NZ flax; NZ Kiwifruit; Kiwi and a Kaka.
 The rain has gone for now, so back to work.
* Thanks Carole I now understand what a Zine is.
* Thanks for your email Janice. Yes, you are right we don't get hard frost like you get and that is why we are able to grow sub tropicals like avocado.
* Isabelle I hope you are coping, my thoughts are with you.


Jennifer said...

We were touring in NZ during the 2000 olympics - I remember cheering for the Kiwis when they won gold! Love your coasters. We heard on the news about the NZ soldiers being killed, that is so sad.

Chookyblue...... said...

darn it........even the Kiwis are beating us at the moment......we'll have to change this......

Sooziii said...

Just read about Mt Tongariro; hope it quietens back down asap. The warning areas cover you so take care if it gets more aggressive; we want you and R safe; along with the rest of the Kiwis.

I have to admit that when the Aussie's are not racing I am cheering for the Kiwis!!

Alice said...

Hi, is there any chance i could buy these coasters? i think they're absolutely fantastic