Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blogger is not Playing Fair.

I am having trouble with blogger. At the moment I am using my laptop, which will let me type and upload photos . I have  been back through and deleted lots of photos and even some entire posts. All the photos I took yesterday at the Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition are on my PC which will no longer even sign me in to blogger. What is going on?
 It has to be a problem with that computer which is stranger still, cause I haven't changed anything on it This afternoon a wasp decided to sting me which has made my even more annoyed.
 I'll get back to normal blogging when I can.


Nicky said...

I have been mostly using a laptop recently on which I installed Google Chrome, with no problems. When I went back to the PC to do a post using Internet Explorer (9 I think) it was very weird, and I could never see my cursor to type the text of the post. Also had big problems with the photos when I tried to upload more than one at a time. Maybe Google are making it harder to use other products?
Hope it all works out for you soon.

Jennifer said...

It must be the wasp's fault! Hope you get it sorted soon.