Friday, August 17, 2012

Colours Look Better in the Sunlight.

Be they flowers or fabric a little bit of natural light ( from the sun! YES ! ) lifts the colour to another level.
 The fact that I saw the sun this morning led me to risk putting a huge load of bath towels on the clothes line...they might get dry but clouds are building. I also went around the garden seeing what was opening in the sunlight.
Bees from hives stored across the road from us ( I suppose ) were in my herb garden pushing each other out of the way to get at the flowers on Mizuma that had been left and is going to seed. I counted 23. ( that's great we do so need their help )
 While I was there I searched for a caterpillar I knew must be hiding. Last evening when I went for mint for the potatoes I found a very chewed stalk and knew that someone else was enjoying the fresh new Spring growth. It was getting dark so I didn't search then but remembered this morning to hunt for the culprit. Sure enough I found a big fat green caterpillar. I put him on the lawn and applied my foot. Mrs. Blackbird or Thrush will find it later and say, "Thanks very much".......that's how it happens around here ( sorry Isabelle ) But that too is part of the cycle of life.
 Although Kangaroo paw are Australian ( and I therefore thought they liked it dry )  they seem to be thriving with all the wet.
 Now this is just a simple single flowered geranium in a pot but I love it's delicate simplicity.....My favourite colour for geraniums, but I also like crimson red ones . ( less so orangey red or cerise ) I noticed lovely potted ones at the turn around point in the walking race at the Olympics.. They seem to be a favourite plant to grow in the UK.( and do well there )
Also looking pure except for splatters of soil on the leaves was this clump of 3 white hyacinths.
Lemon and yellow and mauve freesias are now flowering but it is too early for my really perfumed cream Burtoni .
 This lemon one is growing up through white flower carpet rose bush and the stem is 18inches long!
 The photo at the top shows I have been sewing together the strips of half square triangle for my little charity quilt. It is now going to be 12 rows wide ) Yesterday afternoon I detoured into the city to buy some really thin batting for it.  As the quilt is going to a very hot country it needs to be as light and easily washable as possible - so needs very thin batting.
 I got some reduced price backing for it too and some other fabric for making sales table aprons if I get around to it. While there I met  3 other ladies from my P and Q group ( funny that that we are all drawn to the same shop when they have things reduced in price. ) they were mostly buying stuffing for the clutch balls they took home to finish. Yeah It worked. There are now ladies making some charity items that never offered before. That pleases me and shares the workload.
 Jennifer have you seen the Saffron Craig fabric line called Wombat Wonderland? I am sure you will need some of that.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Do I understand by your bog that Tauranga quilters are having an exhibits soon?



Nicky said...

Lovely to hear you have some sun again! I like your cycle of life...tehe....

Jennifer said...

Pretty the hyacinth! I have seen the wombat wonderland fabrics, but they are all a bit pink for me - perhaps if they were another colour way I would like them better.

Molly said...

Ooooh! Love the colours! Quilt and flowers both. We're having the hottest summer ever, then on top of the heat, torrential rains [while I was in a cooler place!]But the weeds are threatening to take over my world!

Ali Honey said...

Yes Razzle Dazzle Quilter, in September.I will get the details to you.
Cheers Ali.