Friday, August 03, 2012

Small Projects.

5 mug rugs finished for our sales table at our Exhibition which is in September .
Firstly Thank you to Katney and Jennifer for your comments. Since I last posted I have been back into past years of my blog and removed photos that were not crucial to the meaning of the blog. I am now compressing all photo to take up less space - it does compromise the quality but that's what has to happen if I am to continue putting photos on my blog ( every post needs I photo I think) I won't be putting up many video clips either. If I run out of allotted space again I will do the same again. I wish I had realised this was likely to happen much sooner, but then it is always easy to be wise after the event.
 The weather here has been wet, wet, wet. Only occasional kiwifruit work has been happening during fine spells. Lots of small sewing / quilting projects have been happening.
I am now starting to put together sets of coasters using heatproof insul - bright batting, and featuring New Zealand fabrics.These will be some of my hand sewing  ( and pinning ) while watching the Olympics.
 Last night was great viewing. Well done to those 2 young South Island Kiwis - Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan who won GOLD in the double sculls.  In NZ many of us are sports crazy....I was interested to read in a list in the Listener that before the current games started NZ ranked 10th in the world for numbers of Olympic medals won per head of population.

Yesterday my friend D who is recovering from her cancer treatment really well, needed some company and so arrived out here with her sewing and fabric and had me cutting out parts for clutch balls, all afternoon. We are making them into kits to handout at meetings to get members to sew and stuff . There is more chance they will make them if we present them with everything they will need to make a ball.  Ruel Foundation can take as many as we can make. I still have lots of cut around ( from fussy cutting eye spy quilts ) childrens' fabrics  that I am donating to the cause. Each ball takes quite a bit of fabric because it is not flat but many sided  - has depth where little fingers can clutch - hence the name.
 D also had with her a little dress she had made . She belongs to a group of ex Girl Guides and they are all making pillow case dresses for a project called     Dress a girl Around the World. The website has patterns and videos if you are interested. The idea of using a pillow case was to save cost I presume - but it does not necessarily make a  pretty dress - unless it is a pretty patterned pillowcase. A small length of print fabric works just as well. 

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Jennifer said...

Cute mug rugs! I am trying to avoid the olympics....not much of a sporty person, me.