Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Huernia pendula

I decide to show this as it is a bit unusual. One of the jobs on my list I tackled this morning was repotting this plant. I had to carefully cut the old plastic pot from around a very root bound plant with secateurs and  re pot it  ( using a teaspoon to get the soil in ) in a taller planter so it's flowers are more easily seen.
 It is Huernia pendula a stapeliad. Sometimes called a bell flower sometimes referred to as an orchid of the succulent world. It's part of the apocynaceae family the same family that has carrion flowers in it  - This one doesn't smell.
 Up close and looking up into the flower. It flowers for a long time each year and is now growing quite large. it's flowers tend to go unnoticed when they hang down.
 I hope it is happy in it's new larger prettier pot.


Catsngrams said...

What an unusual flower. So interesting. Where did you find it? Does it take a lot of care?

Ali Honey said...

I bought it some years ago when visiting a private nursery that specialized in that type of plant. Apart from watering it it takes no looking after. It should be repotted every couple of years.

Joolz said...

Just a question, Ali - not related to this post...

Is the NZ Kiwifruit harvest usually in about May? I was surprised to find in our Woolworths store, kiwifruit - product of Italy! I nearly fell over! I thought we would have got kiwifruit from NZ all year around but I guess not.

Cheers - Joolz