Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rain and Quilts.

Today we are rejoicing ....we have had some rain! It started gently yesterday with just 7 mls but got heavier over night. When the rain gauge was emptied this morning there was 20 mls and we have had 1 more ml since. A total of 29 mls. ( over an inch )  It will help. Looking out the window I would think more is possible.

 On Sunday I drove up the road for  20 minutes to Katikati where Carol at Katipatch was holding her Annual Garden Party ( and quilt hanging ). The rain threatened but kept away. Lots of ( mainly ) ladies enjoyed the quilts and stalls and happy atmosphere. Here are a few I liked. ( as they were pegged on clothes lines they were not hanging straight so some pics are on an angle )
Below -Melanie's quilt.( she loves batiks! So do I ! )

I love the clean crisp appearance of this 2 colour quilt.

There were quilt hanging in the garage too.

 That's my friend Nan's quilt on the right hand end.
 They have a lovely setting for such an event.Around the back Eddie has a fabulous espaliered pear against the house wall.( I want one of those! )
 It had strawberries growing at it's feet and just nearby a new circular garden had young red and black currant bushes planted.. There were also some apple trees growing on a single trunk in pots - no branches to speak of but quite a few fruit. They also have an avocado orchard.
 Of course I met many ladies I knew, some patchworkers but other too. Some I only seem to meet when I go to this event. There was a guitarist seranading us and a barber shop quartet, and refreshments too if you so desired. I am glad I went.


Jennifer said...

Oh wow.....I love Melanie's quilt too! Thank you for the eye candy.

Molly said...

Lovely quilts but the star of the show, for me, would be the espaliered pear tree---beautiful!

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun venue! I'm going to have to agree with Molly -- that pear tree is amazing!

Bubble said...

Love it all <3