Monday, February 25, 2013

On My Knees.

I"ve been on my knees quite a bit this last week, getting the garden ready for a big event here this weekend.

 Getting the edges neat....
Watering, so the lawn is still green - it's been very hot and dry.
 Weeding. Dead heading.Tidying. Even talking encouragingly to certain plants about flowering on time.
 I have literally hundreds of these red nerines and some will be just out . Not all.
 There are already Autumn tones on the Viburnum.
 Roger tidied up the vege patch. The corn really is as high as an elephant's eye...and tastes fabulous.

 This corner looks okay if it holds and some more come out.
 Some areas have had to have recent make overs cause they just wouldn't last the distance.
Some of my very favourite white Japanese anemones or windflowers are just coming out.
 I haven't grown these for years and didn't know what colour they would be so some are quite bright. Cock's Comb.
 The tomtato soup echinacea is doing well from last year.
 And sally Holmes rose is having a few late flowers( luckily the bronze beetles that chewed her earlier in the Spring have gone now. )
 There is not much  gardening left to do now unless a wind gets up - ( I hope not )

 I want to give my hands  and nails a few days to recover so I can be presentable....
 We think this long dry spell of weather might hold just a few days longer for us. The orchard desperately needs rain    -  but you can't have it both ways.
 I will show some photos next week...By which time my younger  son J and V will be married. Exciting stuff!
 Finally R dug the first Kumara  ( sweet potato ) plant and is delighted with the result.
 We found more hidden water melon s and will see if any of them are ready yet.

 Now will you please all ask for fine weather on Friday and Saturday cause it would help immensely if we could be outside, and use all the gazebos and sun umbrellas.
 My LISTS are getting shorter! What might I have forgotten?


Jennifer said...

Have a lovely time next weekend....I hope the weather is kind to you!

Murr Brewster said...

I'm getting the idea you're not from around my parts. Here I'm bundling up and going out in the yard making coaxing noises to all the little bulbs under there in the dark, in case they're not sure which way to go.

Diane-crewe said...

looking good x fingers crossed that the weather plays the good game x

Nicky said...

Your garden is picture-perfect, all the best to J & V for their big day.
Wishing you all the most wonderful day :-)

MandaBurms said...

The garden is looking wonderful - I hope our stunning weather holds our for the special day. A perfect spot for a wedding!
Love leanne

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Isabelle said...

It will all be happening right now, I think! Hope it's going well. It's been beautiful weather here but I suppose you're rather a long way away! Your garden looks lovely.