Saturday, February 02, 2013

My Favourite Flower ?

What is your favourite flower?
 One of my top 10 certainly has to be carnations ( perfumed ones ) like this Otaki Pink. I haven't grown them for ages but thought I would treat myself when I saw a plant some weeks ago. I'm glad I did. I have carefully staked and tied it up and the smell is just as good as I remember. Many of the newer varieties look good but have no perfume.
 I never grew this variety of capsicum before. It is called Sweet Banana Capsicum. ( tastes like a capsicum looks slightly like a banana.)
  R's basil crop is ready.
 So he made the first batch of pesto this morning. Here are the other ingredients plus garlic.
 Our own walnuts roasted and parmesan cheese. All into the food processor.and a little whizzing later 7 jars of pesto ( hey Presto ). Meanwhile I was outside picking these lovely Chef's Choice green beans.
 They are already in the pot to be part of tonight's dinner. We have visitors coming over. It is a very, very hot day here so R is cooking the big leg of Rangitikei lamb in the BBQ. It smells so good and isn't heating up the kitchen.
 What for dessert? Berries ? No, had too many lately, so made a crunchy topped apple short cake.
 During the week we finished Block 3 kiwifruit thinning and are now tackling the other big block 2B.
 Almost no sewing has happened.. Will I get those letters finished?
 Getting back to where I started. What is your favourite flower and why? It's hard when there are so many contenders . Some smell great Some look great Some are blessed with both looks and perfume so they go to the top of the list. It's about as difficult as the question, " What is your favourite colour?"



Nicky said...

Not really a difficult question for me, without doubt pansies are my favourite flower. No scent to speak of, but I love their gorgeous faces and variety of colours. Roses, rhododendrons, daffodils, lilies and freesias would also make my top 10..... carnations and dianthus are right up there too. I love your new one, very pretty colour!
The bounty from your garden is amazing, I am a little envious of the beautiful pesto, until I get a tunnel-house basil just doesn't want to grow for me down here!
Have a lovely night with your frien.......

Pixie said...

daffodils for me every time. recently I have been wishing I grew roses, so I am working out where to make a rose bed. I have pork to roast for dinner but it is hot and the family are not keen! Your energy and your garden are inspiring as usual. Carnations will always remind me of my mum, she grew those and pinks for their fragrance.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Favoirite flower?
Easy Peasy, the rose Abraham Darby.....

But then there's Pansies, and petunias, and gazanias
and and and.......


Jennifer said...

Ali, my favourite flower is anything yellow!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks ladies. A favourite rose would be hard for me to decide but of the ones I grow Charles Austin would win - a hardy doer, lovely perfume and a good picker.
The perfume of roses; violets; sweet peas; lilac; Freeware; daphne;and philadelphus would make me want them in my top 10. Far too many contenders - but aren't we lucky to have so many beautiful flowers perfumed or otherwise.