Sunday, May 12, 2013

3 Seasons.

Right now in the Southern Hemisphere it is supposed to be Autumn. Some plants know that but some it seems do not. ( I do hope that by doing some Autumn Cleaning last week ( when it supposed to be Spring Cleaning ) I did not add to the confusion.
 White chrysanthemum. That's correct but it has around it a bed of fallen Camellia petals.
 Rose hips, that correct but....
 Sally Holmes rose is still getting buds.
 The Luculia is already in flower and the bees are delighted about that.
 And yes, that is the first paper white jonquil.( so it's nearly Spring )
 My zygocactus ( known as the Christmas cactus in the North is out. 
The equivalent date should be 25th June ) 

 And my kangaroos are getting new that one I am unsure about? When do they flower most in Australia ladies?

 I do know that the walnuts fell at the correct time; the gauvas are ripe at the right time and the kiwifruit - dear I mention them are very ready....... The neighbours are getting picked today....I do hope we are soon to follow as our are very ready. ( note everyone  has to wait till their pack house tells them it is their turn to pick. They have to have a steady flow of fruit into the pack houses. As all picked fruit has to be packed or coolstored within 4 days of being picked. )We are trying to be patient........

 Right lets talk about something else.....
 On Friday Nan gave me this little quilt she made to be sent to Ruel. We agreed a little boy might like these colours. I will wait till I know someone is going up to the Philippines and get them to take it.( I coordinate the Charity quilts from our group )

 Mary had this lovely New Zealand themed quilt in Show and Tell. Someone asked her was that supposed to be a Tui? I hope it was one of our members who used to live in the UK. Otherwise there is no excuse. (She looked really gob-smacked and said "No it's woodpigeon." I called out to her aid, " It's a Kereru, and looks just right!")
 Although there are more walnuts on the ground R says don't pick up any more he wants the space in his shed to work at something and there are sacks and sacks in there already.....I might have to be sneaky about this.
 Shelled walnuts =8.669 kilograms.
 All you ladies who willed Mother Nature for fine weather or said your prayers please keep it up...we would like more fine days with a gentle breeze now till everyone in the district has their Kiwifruit safely picked. PLEASE!


MandaBurms said...

Oh my I do enjoy your walnut count! Beautiful sunny warm day down here. With your spring flowers out - I sure am hoping we missed winter.

Chookyblue...... said...

I will give you all my sunny clear weather for some rain.......we are supposed to cool down a bit this week.........

Jennifer said...

What lovely flowers! Isn't it funny how they seem to be confused as to what season it is......we are hoping for some rain this week, fingers crossed!

Mary said...

I just so enjoy hearing about life over there - the great outdoors is so full of special plants, nuts and fruits, and things we never see here!

Beautiful quilts - you ladies are definitely creating gorgeous items to pass down in families - love that!

Hugs - Mary

Thimbleanna said...

I'm always so interested in the little nuances of the Kiwi fruit business. And now you have to wait to pick when they tell you? It all sounds so very complicated!