Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Apron and Gift.

One of the projects I was working on is finished. A reversible apron for the kitchen sales table at our next exhibition. Being double layered makes it quite absorbent too. I have top stitched very close to the edge all the way round so it should make for easy ironing should any be needed. Doing patchwork has made me very particular about the finish of anything I sew now. I look in  horror when I find manufactured tea towels or sheets or clothes  etc that have bits missed or not correctly joined.

 I am also working on one of these again. A felt embroidered baby ball. My young ones have some lovely friends who are having a babe in June. So I am making them a gift. This is the 22nd one I have made. Some of the balls live overseas. I keep a notebook of what they had on them and who they belong to. I will leave one pentagon free till the baby is born and put the first letter of it's Christian name as a capital. I love making these - the hardest part being trying to think of some new motifs to use.
 I hadn't done a snowman before but am not completely happy with it - I will give it some tweeking and more detail.( the arms are meant to look like sticks but look a bit silly )
 I forgot to put in the photo of the red and yellow hot pokers in the previous post. The Tuis are enjoying the nectar and hang upside down when they need to, to get at it.
 This is for Leanne...... drying walnuts in front of the fire to hasten the process. These I picked up yesterday and will be the final ones for this year I think  (510.)
That makes the total I picked up =  7,621 walnuts.
 ( so still a lot to dry and shell.)
 We had a phone call from the pack house rep. It is looking like our turn to pick the kiwifruit might happen Saturday. ( but I think rain has been forecast for Friday...so we shall see ) 


Jennifer said...

Those little balls are very cute! Wow, that's a lot of walnuts.

Mary said...

Love the felt balls - these are the kind of toys that take me back to when we were children - so much more gentle and cuddly than mass produced junk with dangerous paint and plastics......and of course your lovely balls will always be family treasures.

The reversible apron is a great idea. I always wear an apron when cooking and have a small collection. I so agree that finishing of a stitched item is so important.......my mother was a royal dressmaker in London (sewed for the Queen's late mother, the Queen Mother) so taught me the intricacies of sewing properly!!!!

Walnuts for all by the look of it, you really picked a lot! Bet they are so delicious when freshly harvested and dried......but all that shelling ahead sounds painful! They are so good for us too!

Hope the kiwi harvest goes well and the rains stay away.

Hugs - Mary

Thimbleanna said...

Those little felt balls are so cute. I love how you always think of fun things to put in the little sections. I've always loved red hot pokers. I tried to grow them once with no success -- not enough sun, I think,

Michele Bilyeu said...

Came from J's blog for a visit and discovered a feast for the eyes and soul! Lovely! Great embroidered little ball..can only imagine how soft and sweet in person!