Monday, May 27, 2013

Ball Finished.

The answer is still NO. But we have been told Wednesday is the day....we shall see. I do  hope so.
 Felt Embroidered ball # 22 is finished. I have left one red pentagon free for the baby's initial to go in when I know what that is. It has  2 new motifs on it that I have not done before. One a little red hen ( ginger colour really altho it looks red in the photo and needs longer legs and a higher comb ) and a mountain scene I am not totally happy with.
 I will probably start on # 23 tonight while watching TV.

 At the weekend I started the marathon job of collecting up leaves off the big oak tree. They make lovely mulch around the avocado trees. R took away 4 wool packs I had filled. 2 with leaves, one with garden rubbish I pulled from his vege patch and the 4th was shreaded paper to go underneath the other stuff so it won't blow around. 
 This colourful bowl has the grated ingredients for a carrot slice I made this afternoon ready for easy food Wednesday. ( I could post the easy recipe if any one hasn't got it ) It has in it the last few tiny courgettes and  neglected carrots from a row I had planted and I needed to dig up their soil to put over my yams that the birds keep scratching at. They are getting bigger too I noticed but I don't want them going green in the light so heaped soil over them for just a little longer till they are ready.
 On Saturday I got started on  a project I want to make. A wall hanging using my own photograph as the back ground. I ruled the photo up into a grid and began pulling the right coloured fabrics. I had plenty of greens but none of the sky blue I needed so the project came to a halt till I get to a shop. I hope the creative mojo doesn't leave me in the meantime.
 This is the photo I am using. ( taken during my walk on Friday in the Carmichael reserve.)
 My feet have been good lately and I am back to walking when I get the chance. I will always have to protect my right foot with thick bouncy soles but that's okay.
Still trying. Spot the pigeon.

 Here's hoping for fine picking weather this week.


Jennifer said...

Yes please, I would love the recipe! That ball is sure to be loved by its new little owner.

Friko said...

That ball is gorgeous, any child (or adult) would love it.

And all the other things you make and do bring me out in gasps of admiration. An all round excellent and talented homemaker, gardener and creator of beautiful things.

Are you ‘honeyfieldorchard’?