Friday, May 17, 2013

One Less Worry.

No it's not that the kiwifruit is picked....we are next in start tomorrow ....but the storm clouds are gathering and the whole country is forecast it won't now happen till next week.( some of the luck neighbours got theirs picked during all that sun! )
      The one less thing is I now have heard about Symposium. I sent an email and got no response then a friend told me who she had emailed, so I tried that  and I had a reply the same day. Strangely  Katrina said my information had been sent to me on the 4th of April
 As you know I did not receive it.
 But now I have. I got both of my 3rd choice options.( and tickets to everything else I asked for!!! )
 I got into a 2 day class with Gloria Loughman
 and a one day class with Kim Mclean.
 I am well pleased with that. I was relieved that I didn't get one of my 1st choice options cause it turns out the class wasn't making what was in the picture in the catalogue - find that rather strange.
 So now I have my class needs lists and am rapidly getting all my requirements.
 If you read my blog and are going to Symposium in Taupo ( Fabric Art Festival ) I would love to know so we could meet up. I know you are going to be there Carole B.
 There are  6 ladies from my P and Q group are doing classes, others are just visiting for  a day.
 What did I say - it has just started raining!


Jennifer said...

Enjoy your time at Symposium......sounds great!

Molly said...

The project for that first class looks really interesting... Hope you have lots of fun----Be sure to report back to us, with photos!