Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Weekend Photos.

On Sunday we went out for a while to look at Autumn colours and have a walk. When we got back 2 hours later we discovered there had been a thunderstorm with hail and we no longer had internet access. I know it's not long without but I hate it being cut off. We are no longer getting the daily newspaper so had to resort to TV News. But things are back to normal and I can now show you where we went.
 The trees weren't as far advanced as I imagined they would be, but patches of bright Autumn colours stood out. This is at Mclaren's Falls Park ( at the foot of the Kaimai Ranges BOP )
 These are the falls with some water flow now - not dried up like they were a month ago.
 We walked down the canal but only about half way as the wind was chill and the sky threatening.
 From there we went and looked at the Exhibition of the winners of a Photographic Competition  It was on display in the Tauranga Airport. Well worth the visit.

 Finally here is a first for this blog, I think. I don't recall ever posting a baby photo here before. This dear wee chap came with his wider family to visit us for lunch on Saturday  He is five and a half months old and so well behaved.


 I have cut out ready to sew a double sided apron. We all have been asked to make at least one item to donate  for a special Kitchen sales table, our P and Q Group will be having with this year's exhibition. (From now on I think we are having exhibitions only every second year.)We will also have the usual sales table where members can sell anything they like and they get the money.
* Molly I will email you the recipe as it is not really "mine " to publish.


Jennifer said...

Cute little feller! Love your autumn colours in such beautiful scenery. We have all come to depend on our internet, haven't we....and feel as though we are missing a limb when it isn't available.

Thimbleanna said...

What a cute baby. It looks like you had a beautiful walk. Happy Fall!

Mary said...

Hi Ali - what an adorable little fellow, he looks so happy.

Funny knowing you are now into Autumn and we're all Springy! Soon to be here Summer does not excite me - far too hot and humid for an ex-Brit who grew up in rain and damp! Right now though it's quite cool and wet so I feel at home and love it.

Enjoy the Autumn colors - they are lovely.

Hugs - Mary