Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6 Fine Days in Taupo.

If you volunteer to be a fairy ( helper ) to a Tutor in a class as this dear lady did you get to do all sorts of tasks.....like hanging the Tutor's quilts for her...up a wobbly ladder.
 It is now Tuesday afternoon and I am having a spell before heading off to the Closing Ceremony. It has all been very enlightening. Misty mornings mostly followed by sunny days except it is a bit gloomy today. But no rain - that made transporting all our bags of gear so much easier.
For me 6 days at Taupo Symposium and Fabric Art Festival  have just flown by. All the extra sewing time I thought I might have has not happened.
I've lots more to tell over the next few days when I get home again and of course  lots of photos to share.


Jennifer said...

Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Mary said...

Sounds like a fun time, but busy too. Hope your cold is gone and you will be resting once home again.

Ladders! Dangerous items - but nothing invented yet to take their place so we keep on hauling them out and climbing cautiously!

Happy week.....hope you post again soon.
Mary in North Carolina

Thimbleanna said...

Can't wait to hear more -- just the peek at that quilt alone is enticement enough!

Ali Honey said...

I have just realised they are called angels not fairies but you get the idea.

carole brungar said...

Hi Ali! Sorry I couldn't spend more time with you than a fleeting minute where I couldn't hear anything at all over the noise! In fact I couldn't think who Alison was as I ever only call you Ali! Then about 5 mins later it dawned on me and I looked around for you and couldn't find you.I don't think the music was very conducive to talking tho. What did you think? I met a few fellow bloggers and a few girls who had done internet classes with me. It was a fabulous but exhausting time!