Thursday, July 04, 2013

Garden and Quilts.

 Sometimes natures efforts are the best ones I see in the garden. This bracket fungi on a stump is beautiful.
 This is what I am seeing very early morning now with the big gums gone plus the next layer of ponga and kawakawa, also felled.
 If you enlarge it you may be able to make out the shape of Mt. Maunganui on the horizon just to the right of the middle of the photo.

This vireya rhododendron flowers in it's blue pot almost all year round. So do my others.
The garden has been getting most of my time this last week and things are looking tidier.

* The shelled walnut tally is 17.557 kilogrammes Leanne.

 Here are few quilts from last week's show and tell when we invited the neighbouring quilt group over to share lunch and some time with us.


Jennifer said...

Lovely quilts and jacket! I can see Mt Manganui even without enlarging your photo.

MandaBurms said...

LOL re walnuts, we just count them not weigh them. BUT as you know that's cause we had wayyyy less than you H AH AH HA.
I'm looking forward to the years when we weigh.

Chookyblue...... said...

wow that fungi is cool....great pic.....

Molly said...

Such beautiful, frilly fungi! And my favourite quilt is that black and brown and grey one in the middle. Which figures---I can't resist applique!