Wednesday, July 17, 2013

You Guessed It!

Yes, you guessed it. Despite all my precautions I got it anyway. Bad timing or what!
 I woke up Monday morning knowing I had caught R's cold. Yes, it is just a cold ....  I haven't had one of those since 2011  when I realised on the  Eurostar coming back from Paris that I had caught a French cold. ( this one seems more sneezy and watery ) Shortly I am off to buy some medication to try and relieve the symptoms - why? ...Because I have to drive myself to Taupo tomorrow and the next day sit in class all day, hoping not to spread it to the others there. 
 I have been packing and making preparations for my week away at Symposium in Taupo. I feel washed out and lacking energy, but otherwise not incapacitated.( I'll have my own red nose day ! ) I have been doing some stitching on my wall hanging. Here is the left hand side of it.( it's not lop sided it's the photo )
 If I can I will post from Taupo -  there is wifi connection in the rooms but will I make it work? I hope so. If I am quiet for a week you will know why. I have ordered the CD of photos of all the quilts but will no doubt take plenty of my own.
 Looking forward to meeting you other Blog friends I know are going too -  I will try and not spread germs.
 I will have coat, scarf, hat, stout shoes but no energy to walk. I know it is a nice place to walk around on a nice day; so here's hoping.


Jennifer said...

Have a great time.....and I hope that cold doesn't stop you from enjoying yourself!

loulee said...

Have a good time while you are away.
I hope you feel better soon. You could always try my remedy! A drink of hot blackcurrant juice, (Plenty of vitamin C) and a good shot of rum!
But not while you are driving.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh shoot! Sorry to hear about the cold. I hope you have a grand time anyway!

Bubble said...

I hope you feel better <3

Ali Honey said...

Thanks friends.
The maxiclear is making me feel a lot better - dried up and thirsty but that is better than sneezing and runny nose.
It's a nice morning here in Tauranga so I hope I find the same down in Taupo.
You should see how full the car is!

Isabelle said...

Oh dear! (Or as Nicholas says, Oh Deah!)

Hope you get better soon. The hanging looks amazing.