Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Loved this Class.

My 2 day class with Gloria Loughman was everything I hoped it would be. What a lovely lady and great encouraging teacher. We were upstairs in the Tech Drawing room, so anything she hung on the wall for us to study was surrounded my other work with computers standing in front. The view from the window was amazing straight down the road to the lake with mountains behind. The view was spoilt by 2 huge ugly power poles  - Taupo you need to go underground with those!
 Here are some of the examples we got to see.
 ( don't those trees look like stained glass windows! )

 The work on the left was the class sample for the course after ours.

 This was the brief for our class as it was published in the catalogue of classes.
 ( click to enlarge )
Having looked at her samples of trees we could trace I drew my own on the spot.( many of hers were Australian trees. )

 This is my layout. I am still fiddling with it and embroidering the circular shapes - using some of the many stitches available on my Bernina. These are sewn with a reinforcing fabric behind and can be discarded if the aren't  right. One only so far has ended in the bin. That is brilliant advice because if you were sewing the decoration on the shapes already attached to the trees you could not discard them. So this is still a work in progress.

 Here are some of the other pupils efforts.

My namesake was the fastest worker - her's is ready to quilt.Well done A.
 I also got Gloria to sign my copy of her book. As did some other pupils. She wrote a lovely message.Thank you Gloria for an enlightening 2 days. 


Raewyn said...

I've really enjoyed having a read about Symposium on your blog. It sounds like an wonderful experience. Have you registered for the next one yet?!!

Diane-crewe said...

wow! looks like you had a great time .. waiting to see the finished work xx

Mary said...

All look beautiful - love your trees and look forward to seeing the completion. Personally I don't quilt however love to see others' work, always amazes me the time and effort to make these gorgeous pieces.
One thing odd here though - the wind turbines quilt - strange subject to depict (they are so controversial as they do mar the landscape) - but well done, and the rolling hills are lovely.

Happy day from far away - Mary

Nicky said...

Wonderful techniques, you've used some lovely colours in yours.

Maureen said...

Ali your tree quilt is beautiful, I love the shape of the trees.
Having looked at all the photos you have in your post I think I will definitely have to grab the book

Jennifer said...

Very interesting to see those quilts......everyone's tree quilt is so different, but so much fun!

Deb Hardman said...

Just catching up a bit on what you are up to. Very fun design. I like the whimsy trees.

authon said...

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