Sunday, July 14, 2013


My freshly dug yams.( they weren't all this nice! )I love yams.
Today I am being forced to experiment posting a blog using my laptop. I do not like the photo programme on it nearly as much as the one on my PC, which I normally use. (Possibly because I have not practised using it, but it takes far longer with fewer options) I hope to be able to use my laptop this coming week when away down in Taupo. It is only the  photo processing that is very different.  I am unused to it on this laptop. It did not seem to give me the option to reduce the size for uploading here.( it might just be me! )
On Friday, one of our members at P and Q demonstrated using up fabric scraps to make crazy patch squares suitable for cushion covers or as blocks in a quilt.( on a fabric foundation )  She has a little light old Singer machine that we lift for her ( as she can't )It performed well, but she did have to take several tries at re threading it.

 One member had completed a beautiful long table runner for her big table. Here is some of the detail.( click to enlarge )
 I really liked the hand stitching on it.  I might ask her for the pattern as I would like to make one similar.
 Today we are lucky with sunshine - not everywhere is getting it, so I have been for a walk; I hope soaking up the vitamin Dwill help my immunity. I have picked Jonquils and Daphne which both smell so good. Flowers are not lasting long in the house at the moment with the fire roaring, but it smells nice while they last.

 Poor  R has had a horrid sneezy cold since Thursday. (He knows who he caught it off, but that happens unfortunately.) We have been taking ridiculous precautions to try and prevent me from catching it from him. He has slept on the couch by the fire in the lounge and kept warm for 3 nights now. He has been using the pc so if  I use it I am putting gloves on....... my typing is bad enough without that!.Much hand washing is going on with both of us, almost to the  compulsive stage.... but so( far fingers crossed )  I am still in good health. I do so hope I stay well to go to the cold place on Thursday. There is snow down to low levels all around the Central North Island so not a brilliant time of the year to be holding a quilting Symposium in Taupo.
 Much preparation and list writing and clothes piles etc. are being assembled.


Jennifer said...

Have a great time at Symposium.....and I hope you don;t get that cold too!

Mary said...

Hope you stay well does sound like you're doing the right things but typing in gloves sounds rather difficult!

Natural Vitamin D from those breathtaking scenic walks is definitely the way to go.

Take care and have a great time, dress warmly and enjoy each day.

Mary in wet North Carolina

P.S. - please send us some sunshine, we've had the third wettest Spring/early Summer on record here!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, a quilt symposium -- sounds like fun! I hope you manage to stay healthy -- have a great trip!

Linda said...

I love yams as well...they look very nice.

Leeann said...

ha ha I just put a photo resizer on my phone as I can't be bothered taking my laptop with me to Taupo!

Isabelle said...

I hope you avoid the cold. Have a lovely trip.