Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Few More Quilts.

This carries on from the previous post.
Pauline Coates' Textured Circles had lots of hand stitching.

 Jane Bennett's Surfing With Morris.

Highly Commended for Mary Millington's, Dream Time.

 This wall hanging is by a friend of mine Jenni Scott. She does fabulous work almost always in these subtle tones. She has exhibited this quilt at our show last year. I did not know she had joined the Auckland Guild. 
I particularly like the cyclamen across the bottom of this hanging. She got a ribbon - that great wok Jenni.
 It is a very wet day here in BOP today. Some nut shelling and maybe a little sewing I hope.


Catsngrams said...

Beautiful quilts thanks for sharing. I love quilts.

loulee said...

Oooh! Love the poppies.

Daynora Clements-Caul said...

This is a beautiful quilt made by Jenni Scott. What is the name of the pattern please?