Monday, November 04, 2013

Quilts I Liked at the Festival of Quilts in Auckland.

On Saturday I went on a bus trip, with like minded ladies to the  Auckland Festival of Quilts 2013. There is always a lot to see and do. I counted up from the catalogue and there were 257 judged entries and a further 15 just for display. A total of 272 quilts or wall hangings. So, I tried to be selective with my photos and take ones that either really appealed to me ; caught my attention for some specific reason or they had an idea in them I wanted to remember for future and further thought.
Carole Sorrell's Silk Construction No. 2 was yummy. The judges thought so too. It won best Amateur wall hanging.
 Annie White's, White on White was amazing. each little flap or lapel was stitched and stood on from the backing like pages in a also reminded me a a beautifully iced cake.
Joy Wiseman's large bed quilt made by 2 or more people appealed.

 Heather Dockery's Dreamwalking in Venice.
Lori Well's Frank Lloyd Wright Window .

Juliellen Sabablis's , Who'd be Friends with Lizard Taylor? would appeal to most Children.
 Bruce by Sonja Prchal was just delightful. I loved the detail she had sewn on the fence boards. She made this from a photo.

 15 year old Emma Kelleway entered Wanda in the junior section . So well done.
Princes Street by Thelma McGough.
 Hang Up by Alison Laurence was so life like. it proves anything can make a suitable subject. Well done -  I loved this one.
 In the Challenge entitled, Two Circles and a Triangle, I liked this.
 and the one below with raw cut shapes around the green triangle. 
 Such a variation of entries.
 Maybe I will show a few more tomorrow. I did a little shopping too!


carole brungar said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Ali, there are sure some beautiful ones there!

Ali Honey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the quilts, Carole. A few were ones we saw at Taupo.( but I never mind seeing them again. )