Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Freshly Mown Lawn Sets it All Off.

The Summer garden is looking bright and smells quite good - I always think freshly mown lawn sets it all off. I spent the entire weekend mowing, weeding, watering and dead heading. Here are the results.

 Come for a walk around some of the garden.
Red velvet Sweet William.

 This large purple iris  is a favourite every year it flowers ( for you Sooziii I know you like them too )
 This is a new red Vireya called Red Mountain that I planted where we pulled the big flax bush out.
 Although bronze beetles have chewed many of my roses some like this simple white flower carpet escaped.
 A lovely low growing Azalea.
 The lettuce border I told you about when I planted it is already being eaten they did so well!( they taste best when grown fast. )( salad for lunch almost every day ! )

 The new leaves of the Golden elm always look fabulous when they are this intense chartreuse colour.
This sea of orange under the big oak is almost finished now.
 The yellow rose fence has 3 Graham Thomas bushes ( and some weeds ) ( I have a large bunch inside right now )
 Up close to Graham Thomas.
 This red border has Xeronema; Red Alstromeria and Kangaroo paws.

 Its hard to find a prettier face than Meg. She is one of  5 roses on the other rose fence ( along with 2 Charles Austin, Penelope and Eprez a Fleur Jaune )
 At the top of the drive is pink Sparieshoop rose with Apple blossom Flower carpet and alstromerias behind.
 I hope you enjoyed the little walk around the garden.
 Last night 21 bee hives arrived for pollination of the kiwifruit vines which are in full bloom - the smell is intense. I won't be putting any light coloured washing on the outside line during this time as it all comes in bee spotted ( and bee pee smells )
 We are very, very busy on the orchard at the moment. I haven't sewn a stitch in days - my hands are a bit rough from all the garden work and from constant cleaning with anti bacterial liquid while working with the vines that have psa spots.
 I am over half way with my mapping of every vine on the orchard and it's psa status. I have walked many kilometers in the process. back to work!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- it's all so beautiful Ali! And very nice to see as everything is so drab and dreary here now that the leaves are all gone.

Mystic Quilter said...

Looks lovely - a great way to start my day having a wander through your garden and thanks for showing Graham Thomas up close we have just planted him!

Meggie said...

Your garden is beautiful. I feel very homesick for NZ right now. A beloved Aunt died and I had hoped to see her one more time before she went. She had a beautiful garden. An old school friend rang me last night, and she had just been back to NZ, had a wonderful time.
Graham Thomas is beautiful! So is Meg!

Jennifer said...

I love yellow roses, isn't yours beautiful! Your garden is so pretty.