Friday, November 15, 2013

Whippa Snapper.

My 2nd picking of Watkins Snap Peas - Whippa Snappa, were well ready yesterday and I was able to make a salad grown entirely by me.
 I am calling it my "less then 10 salad," because it was all growing less than 10 minutes from when it was eaten = fresh!
 2 types of lettuce grown from seedlings ( buttercrunch and red oak ) radish and the peas grown from seed. I find these peas better than snow peas for flavour. See in the top photo how fleshy the pod is. Just crunchy and yummy.

 Baby hedgehog , nicknamed Bogor is now resident in our garden . We see him on a daily basis, since R found him with probably heat exhaustion on the very hot afternoon recently. He gave him water and shade and protection. I wonder where Mother hedgehog is?
 Meanwhile he showed up at lunchtime yesterday so I gave him a little bit of finely chopped cooked chicken ( for want of anything more suitable ) . He scoffed it . I know NOT to give him milk.  I think I know where he is living, so am watching out for him.


Chookyblue...... said...

the salad looks yummy.......Bogor is cute

Jennifer said...

That's one cute hedgehog! Nice salad, too.....and it didn't need to travel far.

Mystic Quilter said...

Nothing better than going out to gather up your fresh home-grown veggies! I love hedgehogs so it's lovely to see baby foraging in your garden.

Nicky said...

Wonderful salad, so fresh! Your new friend is a cutie....

Meggie said...

We had hedgehogs in our garden, but my grandmother did not like them, because they would try to steal the chook eggs.
Your salad looks delicious- those peas look wonderful.