Thursday, August 07, 2014

Gift Quilt finished.

 I hung my finished baby quilt on the clothes line for the photo. I will now be able to give it to the baby's Dad  to take home to his wife tomorrow. ( along with the apron I made some time ago for the 8 year old big  sister. )  It measures 40" x 58", so is ample for a cot . That's all my current gifts to make complete! 
 I used my large kitchen bench to do the pin basting. Kinder on the knees.

 I use masking tape the hold the backing secured to the bench  then lay the batting and top over it before pin basting. I then turn it and smooth it and adjust any pins that are causing wrinkles - and keep doing that till I'm satisfied . I am glad to say  I got it simply quilted with out a wrinkle .
 I used the same fabric as the backing for the binding.

 While at the clothes line with the camera I took these garden pictures.
 My little Meyer lemon that is in a flower bed is really happy.
 A lone little brick coloured velvet face peered up from this pansy plant. I wish they would clump up more.
 The first anemone blanda, appeared in the hyacinth bowl - I had forgotten I had popped the bulbs in there.
 And these yellow daffodils looked bright on a dull Winter day - I think rain is very near.


Elizabeth said...

The quilt is gorgeous, loving the daffodils, all I have is a clump of stalks!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the quilt! Daffies are such a gorgeous colour, they match the lemons beautifully.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Great job, love the quilt. The garden keeps promising spring but the weather hasn't got the message yet!

Diane-crewe said...

lovely to have colour in the garden .. be it flowers or fabric xx

Isabelle said...

Thanks for the quilting advice, Ali! I shall now put on the binding with a clear conscience.