Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rainy Walks and Appliqué.

We are having "4 Seasons," most days, so walks involve carrying an umbrella. 

Yesterday I went along some neighbouring roads and saw lovely Spring like sights.The daffodils up some driveways are looking lovely and I had my camera in my pocket.

 This lot were looking sheepish but are nosey enough to come and say, "Hello, have you got anything for us?"
 ( note the beehives )
 On the way back up our driveway I picked this Japonica Camellia Twilight, and have it on the kitchen windowsill now. It has such a beautiful face.
 The pruners are still in the kiwifruit - almost finished, so when they are I can get out and begin  tidying  up the parts they leave that  are untidy or need further work . 
  Last Friday at P and Q, Melanie who is an excellent quilter, gave us a demo and talk on how she goes about quilting - she spends hours and hours each day doing it so encouraged those of us who don't free motion quilt very well to practise. 

 Like playing piano or anything else one wishes to improve at do the practise.( practice ) ( I do almost all my quilting using my walking foot!  So my designs are cross hatching, large curves, shadow quilting etc. ) So I made up some  fabric sandwiches  and have done a little practising most days.  I haven't seen too much improvement in mine yet.

 I have also been working on my appliqué flower blocks. After having a good think I decided I didn't have to torture myself trying to hand appliqué these blocks - my eye sight is just not up to it. SO I am now using Applikay Wonder  ( iron on ) and machine stitching them down. I will still do the bias strip stems by hand. This means I will make some steady progress . I like the result. It is my work and I may do as I wish.( no rules! ) Here are the latest 2 blocks.


Jennifer said...

Love those bright blue blocks......and yes, you can do them however you wish! Everything is green in your part of the world, such a change from our current dryness - it's lovely to see.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely snaps......hope you learnt something in the quilting lesson....

Leeanne said...

Lovely flowers. Let your quilting journey begin!!