Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inspiration in the Garden?

 Maybe it was this clump of Daffodil Taurus that inspired me to make my next appliqué block. ( they have 2 equilateral triangles  offset one in front of the other and come out lemon and white, then turn salmon/ apricot coloured and white )
This is the first touch of apricot colour I am introducing into my zany flower blocks. The stem is only pinned here as I am hand sewing stems down.  I have another blue block almost finished.  I have been using tissue paper as a reinforcer behind these and have found it works better and pulls away later far easier than shop bought stabiliser. ( it is free  - I keep it and iron it flat when I get it in parcels around purchases etc. )  So not much sewing progress.....I have instead been spending time in the garden. Lots to do there, but the perfume of freesias and jonquils make it pleasant.
 Yesterday I visited my local garden centre and as always came home with lots of purchases. Possibly the best value for money was all these ( 7 ) pansies for $10. Instant colour. I replenished my supply of slug bait or the pansies would be a wasted purchase.
 I have lots of planting to do now but that is part of gardening I like .
 On the orchard things are ticking along. The important spray went on the dormant kiwifruit vines in ideal conditions.
 A friend helped R put 2 new sheets of long run roofing iron in the spillway below the dam as a hole had worn through the old ones ( quite a tricky job but neither of them missed their footing and landed in the creek  -  thanks Brian )
 We are picking the first few oranges which are starting to taste sweet...a little early but need testing as lots are falling off.
 I have planted radish seeds and a few hopeful snap peas both of which prefer cooler soil conditions


Jennifer said...

Love those daffies, I have never seen them before! Your appliqué flower will really compliment the blue ones already done too. When I was a child we had an orange tree but the oranges were too sour/bitter for eating, so my mother used them for juice or to make marmalade.

Molly said...

What a feast for the eyes! I've been catching up on your recent posts Ali and the colours are beautiful! Love the baby quilt and the felt appliqued baby balls.
, not to mention the lemons and all your lovely flowers. That applique flower quilt will be a beaut!

Raewyn said...

Enjoy your garden time! It is a wonderful time isn't it, full of promise :-) Those daffodils are pretty special and I like the block they inspired!

Diane-crewe said...

lovely flowers and blocks x I just bought a load of daffodil bulbs for my garden xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Lovely daffs, and great inspiration for sure.