Monday, August 18, 2014

Progress on Flower Blocks and Orchard.

 I completed this flower block over the weekend so now have 12 finished. That's half.
 Here are the others on the floor in no particular order . ( the photo is showing me maybe too much Ming blue ? ) ( I am trying some apricot in the next block I have selected the fabrics for. )I have also put them where they will be positioned to see what colours need to be used in the blocks I have yet to make.
 I have made all the biggest size and most of the smallest size. I do realise I will be able to swap blocks of the same size around to get the best positions.
 What about this for an unusual
colour for a hyacinth? I was given it by dinner guests on Friday night. There are 3 bulbs  in a pot. The heads are so heavy they keep flopping down. As soon as it is over I will plant it in the garden.
 Another gift I was given recently by a neighbour returning from Oman on holiday was this wrap and coin purse. The wrap is quite large an multi purpose.
Last week the pruners finished the kiwifruit Winter pruning so now each fine day I am back spending the afternoon tidying up the vines. Cutting off tangles they left; old clips; stocking top ties and anything I think shouldn't be there. It is not difficult work just time consuming and a bit tough on the neck . I take the radio with me and the Winter sun has been warming and pleasant so I can think of many worse things to be doing.
   Yesterday afternoon I spent my time gardening - doing a big clean up on the bank beside the driveway down  passed the house. Pruning hydrangeas, shrubs , roses etc. it involved standing on a slope gripping with my toes. I filled 2 wool pack with debris to go under the avocado trees as mulch.  It all looks so much better for my being there but I was really tired after I mowed up the  residue - it's quite steep to push the mower.
 Today is fine again so back to it all...the washing will dry.


Jennifer said...

I love your flowers - a real fantasy garden, for sure! Not as much hard work as real gardening either.

Raewyn said...

The flower blocks are lovely, as is the Hyacinth - such a gorgeous colour!

Sharon said...

Your appliqué blocks are gorgeous! That is really an accomplishment, and, no, there is not too much blue. The apricot color will be a perfect addition!

Pip said...

Love your Flower Garden blocks, I love blue so I don't think there is too much blue at all. Seeing the hyacinth has made me realise that spring is coming so I might get a hyacinth or two popping up.

pinewood said...

Love your applique quilt. Your garden is such an inspiration.