Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Have You Been Eating Your Greens?

Last Saturday we had a big storm. It took the power out and trashed the garden and Kiwifruit vines. It blew one avocado tree right over ( bugger! ) 
 In the vege garden we had some silver beet plants that were just going to seed. It downed them over the newly planted tomatoes. R went and cut them off at ground level and I picked some leaves  for us to use rather than waste......
 I just selected the youngest tastiest leaves. Yes, we are going to have spinach tart and spinach everything else I can think of.  It keeps quite well washed and in a plastic bag in the fridge. I know it freezes but we always have fresh ready so I don't bother.
 Rainy, stormy days meant some sewing got done. ( the power outage was at 8.30pm so I had done my string piecing by then. )
 How do you photograph that.. ..wind it round and round.
 The first 2 ( of 6 ) long strips for my quilt top are successfully joined.
 Despite the rough weather my roses are looking and smelling rather good. Some pics in the next post. We haven't had to water any of the new vege plantings.


Sew Quilt Designs said...

It's such a shame when plants and trees get damaged...thank goodness for sewing...it keeps you sort of sane! Weather looks like it's picking up at last fingers crossed :)

Jennifer said...

You are lucky to have rain......this weekend we will be going on to the next level of water restrictions, which means no hoses are allowed at all.

Isabelle said...

Your applique looks beautiful - why have you joined those squares together like that? I'm obviously being stupid but...?