Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wall Hangings that Appealed to Me.

This is a follow on from yesterday.
 There were several hangings in Bernina Aotearoa Quilters Challenged "Growth," I liked.
 On the left Mother Earth by Kathleen Burford of Christchurch.
 The stitching on the gum flowers was just right and the stamens were tiny French knots.( apologies to the maker I have cut your name off. ).... (Thank you, Maree. This gum flower quilt was made by Jennifer Pattison from Taranaki. )
 This green landscape around Auckland showed how the city has spread over the last few decades. The maker lives in Orewa  and the close stitching over the highly populated areas worked well.

In the Space Between,challenge , Charlotte Scott's Feather was lovely. ( see yesterday's post for a link to her website. )

  Hazel Foot's entry, deserved the ribbon!

 Valda Sutton's , Big Day Out in the Space Between Challenge was so realistic. She had used her own photo printed onto fabric of the figures  and placed them on her own seaside background.

The Judges for the show had their own displays.  I loved this by Judith Ross.( wish she had shown us more of her work )

 These 4 by Judge Jenny Bacon.


In the wall Hangings,  Altered Fabrics by Susan McRae also appealed.

 Hazel Foot's Fantasia  had amazing colours ( sorry I didn't fit it all in  - It was very long )
 The photo doesn't do Chris Behersing's Creamed justice. It was so pale and delicate. It would look amazing on a bed.
 In this close up you can see the detail of the Wedding Ring design around the flowers. The quilt had lovely scalloped edges.

 Finally some of the entries in the Hoffman Challenge.

 On the way home we were comparing photos and I discovered I had missed a couple of lovely quilts. I think this happens when there is a crowd in front of a quilt and I tell myself I will come back to have a closer look when it clears and that doesn't always happen.


Charlotte Scott said...

You've got great photos. I didn't take nearly enough, so I've directed people over your way for a look see.

Jennifer said...

Love those challenge quilts!

James Honeyfield said...

Those green quilts are cool. Not sure about the Auckland one with the concentric circles... Looks too much like an earthquake diagram to me ...and I live in Auckland! Haha!

Maree said...

The gum tress quilt was made by Jennifer Pattison from Taranaki.

eclectichomelife said...

What amazing quilts. I have never seen anything like the one with the father and daughter. Clever idea to use the photograph as she did. Thanks for sharing.