Friday, November 07, 2014

November Treats.

 November brings some stormy weather but it also brings some treats. In the garden and with quilts.
 This little rhododendron called Carey Ann is flowering the best it ever has. As we drive out the gateway or coming the other way into the property it is a bright splash of colour at the moment.
 It can grow to 1.5 metres but this one isn't that big yet. It is neat and compact not at all leggy like some other rhodos.

Today I am organizing  myself for a big day out, with an early start, tomorrow. I am going to the Auckland Festival of Quilts. In the past our P and Q group  have taken a big bus, but we didn't have the numbers this year so one of our younger ladies is driving a 12 seater and taking us all to Auckland. Thanks Sandra. I am charging my camera batteries right now, so if you come back on Sunday or Monday I will have photos of quilts to share.
 I will be looking to see if there is any fabric suitable for the sashing on my flower quilt. I still haven't decided the best way to go with that. Maybe I will get some inspiration or clues tomorrow. I know I will have a lovely time looking at beautiful quilts and maybe a little shopping.
 I will keep my eyes peeled for you Kiwi ladies I now recognize from previous years or from your blogs.


 This ones a treat for my senses too. A bright orange ( deciduous ) Azalea Mollis is just coming into flower. It has an amazing perfume.


Chookyblue...... said...

have a great time in Auckland.........

Marlene said...

I went to the show today Ali and it is great-met up with a blogger I had not met in person before. A big variety of quilts this year with many modern ones as well as the more traditional. And of course plenty of opportunity to part with your money. I'm sure you will have a fantastic time.

Deb said...

Im going up tomorrow, Ali. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing quilts.

Deb said...

The gardens out bloom themselves at this time of year don't they Ali? Such beautiful rhododendrons.

Isabelle said...

Looking forward to the pictures. I love your block (and the others you've shown). I would have to do that by hand. I don't trust the neatness of my machining.