Monday, November 10, 2014

Quilts That Got My Close Attention.

As promised here are some of the quilts I liked the best at  
The Auckland Festival of Quilts 2014.
 Caravan Quilt by Val Williams. The central panel was not parallel lines but sloped in towards the top.(  A camera parallax error could almost destroy this aspect ). Here is some detail.
 She has captured the vortex line( in water or air )  so well.

 The Grove by Ngaire Fleming.
 Detail of one of the trees.
 4 inch Delight by Julie Britten. This was all hand pieced and had many hours work in it.
 Detail of the little acorns block. 

 Crocus Wreath by Chizuko Hoy.
 Detail of one of the blocks.

 Pacific Dream by Lyn Winkel.

 I particularly liked these blocks in her quilt.
 A Dragonfly in Autumn was a delightful wall hanging by Lynette O'Donnell.
 The Challenges were displayed on the landing so I stood on the stairs to get a general shot of viewers looking at the Pins and Needles display.

 I will show more wall hangings tomorrow. If you wish to see what others thought, have a look at Debs Website. She has a quite different selection. So does Charlotte. (  )

I really enjoyed the quilts and wall hangings and merchants but for once didn't buy much.I found a fabric that might suit for my sashings but could only get a metre so will send for more.
 I was so disappointed that Minerva Books ( NZ Quilter ) were not there. ( so I came home new bookless! ) I also thought the food available in the cafe was uninspiring and not nearly up to the standard of previous years. 


Deb said...

Oh you picked different ones to me!! I really enjoyed the day. It's been 3 years since I have been up.

Raewyn said...

I was disappointed I couldn't go this year, however am pleased to see bloggers doing mini quilt shows!! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Charlotte Scott said...

The Caravan Quilt was one that inspired me too. So simple and effective. And I thought the variety of food was down, but did enjoy my chicken wrap.

Thimbleanna said...

Such pretty quilts -- I especially love the tree and the four inch blocks. Thank you for sharing your pictures!!!

Jennifer said...

What interesting quilts - love the Pacific one! Thanks for sharing, I'll check out the other blogs later when I have time.